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Panelized Walk In Climatic Chamber Digital Electronic Indicators With Observation Window

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Brand Name: MENTEK
Model Number: MEW-28000
Certification: CE
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 units per month
Delivery Time: 25-35 working days after order confirmed
Packaging Details: First protected by resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case
Material: Stainless steel plate(SUS304)
Heating rate: 3°C~15°C/min
Temp Range: -40°C~80°C
Controller: Led Touch Screen Controller
Power: AC 380V±10%, 50/60Hz
OEM/Customized: Accept
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    Panelized Walk In Climatic Chamber Digital Electronic Indicators With Observation Window


    • High quality insulated panel system to build the chamber size you need
    • Heat/cooling/humidity system sized to your application.
    • Wide selection of optional features

    Walk-in Chambers is featured by large test space, high reliability, wide range of temperature and humidity, multi-parameters of comprehensive environment, complicated test conditions. The operator can enter the test chamber to operate the tested specimen. Which provides conditions of various temperature and humidity for products of bulk or large parts, semi- and finished products of different industrial manufacturers.


    Walk in chamber simulates the effects that a range of temperature change and humidity conditions have on a product or material,and it usually comes in a variety of sizes, whether a small box (usually of integral construction) that fits on the bench top or a room-sized chamber (usually of penalized construction) for large objects or for testing large batches of product simultaneously. Temperature ranges from -60° C to +85° C and relative humidity ranges between 20% and 95% are available. A walk in chamber can also be used for constant temperature and/or humidity climate test conditions that are needed for product testing .

    Applicable standards

    Automotive integrated environment for the car manufacturers to provide product development in the performance of the test. The test cabin is mainly composed of cabin body structure, air conditioning system, fresh air system, dynamometer system, exhaust system, solar radiation system and other components.
    ◆GB1835203-2005 Emission test         

    ◆GB/T658-2000 Air conditioning test           

    ◆ GB18233-2003 Fuel consumption test
    ◆GB/T12542-1990 Thermal balance test        

    ◆GB/T12781-1991 Lubrication test of automobile oil supply system     

    ◆GB/T12546-1990 Automotive Thermal Ventilation Test
    ◆GB/T12544-1991 Car heating test (air conditioning)   

    ◆GB11555-1994 Defrost test defrost test        

    ◆GB/T12535-1991 Low temperature start test
    ◆GB/T12544-1990 Maximum speed test      

    ◆GB/T12543-1990 Accelerated test           

    ◆GB/T12536-1990 Glide test
    ◆GB/T12546-1990 Minimum stable speed test


    Interior Volume6m³8m³12m³16m³24m³
    Interior Dimension(cm)200*200H*150200*200H*200300*200H*200400*200H*200400*200H*300
    Exterior Dimension(cm)340*225H*200340*225H*220440*225H*220540*225H*220540*225H*320
    Temp & Humidity Range-60℃,-40℃,-20℃,0℃~+85℃25%~95%RH(Optional)
    Temp & Humidity Fluctuation±0.5℃ ±2.5%RH
    Temp & Humidity Deviation±2℃±3%RH(>75%RH); ±5%RH(≤75%RH)
    Temp Change Rate2℃~2.5℃/m heat-up 1℃/m cool-down
    Standard configurations1 Window, 1 Cable port, 1 Lamp, 4 Casters, 1 Power cable, 2 Stainless steel shelves
    Standard Documentationsquality certification,test report ,user operaion manual for machine & controller
    Safety devicesElectric leakage, fan overheat ,anti-dry ,compressor overheat & overpressure,power supply undercurrent,overheat, overcurrent, phase sequence, over-temperature protection devices
    Comprehensive technical parameters of automobile integrated environment
    1.Temperature control test
    Temperature range: -40 ℃ -80 ℃
    Temperature Accuracy: When the car is at rest. The temperature of the cabin to maintain ± 2 ℃ by the test vehicle heat load impact, can be set within the temperature control smoothly, the vehicle 0.5 m control point temperature fluctuations & lt; ± 1 ℃, the general control point temperature fluctuations & lt; ± 2 ℃. Temperature -40 ° C to 60 ° C Bulkhead non-condensing discharge test: Absolute humidity (H) 5.5 ≦ 12.2gh2o / kg Air.
    Euro 3 / 4VI line test: the humidity throughout the test period should be low enough to prevent condensation on the chassis dynamometer drum.
    Change temperature: to ensure no frost.
    Performance test: the test chamber temperature 25 ℃, the relative temperature of 50% RH ± 5%

    4.Chamber atmospheric pressure test
    To ensure the stability of the test run when the cabin is slightly positive pressure (short-term negative pressure), with air pressure balance device.
    Cabin Rizhao Test:
    proper temperature:35-60℃
    Sunshine light source: full spectrum bulb;
    Installation: removable, adjustable angle (45 degrees or more)
    Sunshine intensity is not less than 1200W / m2 ± 20W / m2, (from the height of the roof height of the average temperature), can be fragmented control sunshine intensity, but also the overall control; solar radiation intensity control accuracy ± 20W / m2 Roof height of the level)
    5.Cabin operation test:
    The system has the dual operation function of automatic control / manual control;
    During the test process can be achieved automatically / manual two-way worry-free switch;
    Real-time display test and test parameters; real-time curve display; real-time parameter display and print; test data real-time storage; system with test and self-diagnostic function;

    6.Safety monitoring system:
    The test room is divided by the pressure balance and the oxygen concentration, the exhaust gas concentration control the new wind, but also equipped with a little security measures: alarm sound prompt independent (separate from the main controller) electronic over-temperature alarm protection: mechanical over-temperature alarm protection: Over-current, overheating, overpressure, oil pressure differential protection: explosion-proof device: CO, NOX exhaust exceeded protection; power owed, wrong phase protection: water, water, wet anti-dry protection;
    7.Exhaust system
    Automotive Standard Emission Test
    temperature range:20℃-60℃
    Size: Customizable
    Equipment features: equipment for installation of the ignition engine (in the future can be extended to the oil machine), the total quality of not more than 3500KG M class, N class car according to national and national conditions of the discharge regulations test, in the test can provide - 20 ℃ -45 ℃ environmental simulation conditions (engine displacement: maximum 6L: speed: 120KM / H, the test can be controlled at -20 ℃)
    1.Temperature control range:-40℃~40℃
    2.Ground load-bearing ground load:≧300kg
    3.Internal net size can be customized according to user requirements


    1.Circulating wind selection: Patio air supply or variable speed motor
    If your product has special requirements for air supply wind speed, this program is your best choice.

    2.Water supply system selection: RO reverse osmosis
    Our equipment to do the humidity, the use of pure water, that this automatic way to make water without interruption to provide pure water, so as to achieve easy and convenient results.

    3.Polymer membrane / runner dehumidification system
    If long-term low-temperature and low-humidity test conditions are required, then the cellular dehumidification system is an option, and the Humidity Range is required to achieve 10 ° C / 10% RH or less.

    We provide complete specifications from the United States imports of professional LN2 / LC02 solenoid valves and related control systems to achieve your rapid cooling temperature of the test requirements.

    5.Ultrasonic cooling humidification system
    If you have to carry out a dynamic test of high heating load under high temperature and high humidity, the ultrasonic cooling and humidification system is meeting the important requirements of this strict requirement.

    6.Added glass inner door and hand operated hole
    For the often need to test the movement of objects and start. (125mm * Ea) can be added to the glass door to avoid the impact of the door opening on the test environment.

    7.Instant access to test data recorder
    When the need to test the environment at the same time and the temperature of the multi-point measured object temperature measurement records, increased load specification recorder is the only choice to achieve the demand.

    8.Computer connection operation recording software
    When the software for the R & D of Metrology 's ring testing machine, its powerful function can monitor and control the machine at the same time, access to the information in the machine, providing the most convenient

    Structure technology
    1.Company hardware equipment Imports of German laser laser machine 1; Title of the AMADA AIRS-255NT punching and a Taiwan; Germany for all types of carbon dioxide welding machine and argon welding machine more than 10 Autodrsk inventor 3D graphics software, 3D sheet metal demolition and design of virtual assembly.
    2.Shell made of high quality galvanized steel, electrostatic powder coating to be paint;
    3.The inner box is made of imported SUS # 304 stainless steel, with full welding process to prevent leakage and penetration of high temperature and high humidity air inside the box; inner liner fillet design of inner box can better discharge condensate of side wall.
    2.Shell made of high quality galvanized steel, electrostatic powder coating to be paint;
    3.The inner box is made of imported SUS # 304 stainless steel, with full welding process to prevent leakage and penetration of high temperature and high humidity air inside the box; inner liner fillet design of inner box can better discharge condensate of side wall.
    Refrigeration series of technology
    1.1 High-quality steel pipe and welding process standardization; according to the standard tube layout to ensure stable and reliable model system;
    1.2 Imports of Italian imports of pipe bending machine the whole bend, a significant reduction in solder joints and welding generated when the pipe oxide, improve system reliability!
    2.Pipeline shock and support
    2.1 The United States and Tyco on the support of the cooling copper pipe has strict requirements, taking into account the pipeline shock conditions in the cooling pipe to increase the arc and bending the use of special nylon clip fixed way to avoid the circular vibration and temperature changes caused by Pipe deformation and leakage, improve the reliability of the entire refrigeration system.
    2.2 No oxidation welding process
    As we all know, the cleanliness of the refrigeration system is directly related to the efficiency of the refrigeration system and operating life; the United States and Tyco welding operation using standardized to avoid a large number of pipe oxide pollution when welding!
    Control circuit technology
    1. Power distribution layout According to the technical department of the distribution assembly plans to install electrical components used internationally renowned brands: Omron, Schneider, Germany phoenix terminals, line code clearly marked.
    Selection of the old domestic brand, (Zhujiang cable) to ensure that the quality of the wire; control line minimum 0.75 square RV soft copper wire, all the major load such as motor compressors are based on EC trunking safety current standard trapping trail selection! Compressor cable box cable mouth with sealant processing, to prevent frosting junction box terminal short circuit.
    All terminal screws are connected to the standard fixed torque, to ensure reliable fastening to prevent loose ignition and other hidden dangers!
    Refrigeration Technology
    3D refrigeration system management drawing
    Variable Frequency Control Technology of Refrigeration System

    In the frequency conversion refrigeration system, even if the power frequency 50HZ is fixed, can change the
    frequency through the frequency changer, thus adjusts the compression rotational speed, causes the cold quantity
    continuously to change, guarantees the compressor movement load in the test box the actual load to match (namely
    test body temperature Increase, the compressor frequency to rise, improve the cooling capacity, on the contrary, the
    compressor frequency to reduce and reduce the cooling capacity) greatly saves the unnecessary loss of operation to achieve energy-saving purposes. In the beginning of the test chamber can also run by increasing the frequency of the compressor to improve the capacity of the cooling system to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling.
    The chamber adopts frequency conversion refrigeration system, which can precisely control the temperature of the box body, make the temperature of the box body constant, the temperature fluctuation is small, and the suction and discharge pressure of the refrigeration system is stable and the compressor runs stably and reliably. Electronic expansion flow servo.
    Refrigeration system technology Other energy - saving technologies
    A) The use of PID + PWM principle VRF technology (electronic expansion valve according to the thermal conditions of flow control)
    Low-temperature working state, the heater does not participate in the work, through the PID + PWM regulation of the cooling (cooling capacity of the air flow control system); low-temperature working conditions, the use of the principle of PID PID VRF technology (refrigerant flow control) Flow rate and flow direction of the cooling pipe, cold side of the pipeline, heat the next three-way flow pipe to adjust to achieve the work of the temperature is automatically constant, this method in low temperature conditions, the studio can automatically achieve a constant temperature, Low temperature conditions, can achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption. The technology is based on Danfoss ETS system electronic expansion valve, can be applied to different cooling capacity requirements of the cooling adjustment, both at different cooling rate requirements, to achieve the compressor cooling capacity adjustment.
    B) the size of two sets of compressor design technology, according to load conditions automatically start and stop (large series is designed)
    The refrigeration unit is equipped with a set of semi-hermetic compressors composed of binary cascade refrigeration system plus a full-density single-stage refrigeration system. Configure the mother; according to the load conditions inside the box and the cooling rate of intelligence to open the different compressor groups, so that the cooling capacity of the box and the compressor output power to achieve the best match, in order to achieve the best operating conditions in the compressor section circle to Extend the service life of the compressor. More importantly, a large set of traditional design compared to the energy-saving effect is very obvious, you can achieve more than 30% of the temperature control. With VRF technology)
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